We at Misraas Realty , provide a one stop solution to all the needs of Housing Societies in Pune. Misraas Realty is one of its own kind of Society management company or firm in Pune. We provide basically four types of services to Housing societies such as Security Services, Soft services, Interior and Exterior services and Hardware and Software solutions under one roof. We save your time, effort, money and reduce your burden by providing solutions to every problem of a Housing society. We as a company absorb all the risk and losses associated with service vendors and ensure smooth service delivery to our customer without any issue. Basically we provide Security services in Pune, Facility management services in Pune, Security guards in Pune, Gate management systems for societies in Pune, Boom barriers in Pune, Electronic security systems in Pune, CCTV camera systems in Pune, House keeping services in Pune, waste management systems in Pune, Solar energy roof top systems in Pune.