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              The Ultimate destination for all Residential and Commercial property needs.
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"Welcome to Misraas Realty"

The Ultimate destination for all Residential and Commercial property needs. Celebrating 30th anniversary year and offering customers 10% cashback or 10% discount on Interior work if you buy property from us. Offer ends soon, Hurry up now.

Misraas Realty is one of the best and highly rated property consultant firms in Pune regardless of whether the customer needs Residential property in Pune or Commercial property in Pune. Established in 1990 and headquartered in Pune, the company has 30 years of experience in providing Interior designing services in Pune and catering more than 1k happy customers. We are a one stop solution for all your property needs, interior designing and services needs and financial solutions.

Why Choose Us

Company has been formed to solve many challenges of the customers who are in search of Residential and Commercial property, Interior designer in Pune and Home loans in Pune.

Consultative Approach

We do not sell our services or products to our customers without consultation. Need analysis is done first, then we provide the required solution. We have a consultative approach, not a salesman approach.

Services & Products

Providing all services to our customers under one roof such as Property consultant, interior designing and financing.

Time, Effort & Money

We save your time, effort, money and reduce your burden by providing all services under one roof.

Company Absorb The Risk

We as a company absorb the risk and losses associated with service vendors and ensure smooth service delivery to our customers without any issues.

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Residential and Commercial Property

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